The Statement Chair

Sometimes something as simple as a bold chair can make a big impact on a room. A statement chair is a stylish way to update any room and it can elevate even the most monotonous space. I’ve rounded up my favorite photos where people have incorporated statement chairs in their design. All these chairs makes a statement all on their own. … Continue reading The Statement Chair

Vintage Pieces, The Jungle Experience, and The Mix of Different Materials

If someone had said to me two years ago that I would love vintage pieces, the mix of different wood materials (yuck), earthy tones, the jungle experience and rustic interior, I would have laughed them straight in the face. I wanted everything to be modern, dark (preferably black), perfect and polished. Simple and clean. No brown … Continue reading Vintage Pieces, The Jungle Experience, and The Mix of Different Materials

My Vintage Dream

Photo Andrea Papini for Elle Decoration. I love how some people manage to mix the old vintage charm with modern design when decorating. I find it nearly impossible but some people manage to do it perfectly. This home is a perfect example of that. It’s like the best from two worlds. Vintage marrying modern. It’s so perfect and inspiring! Ps. I … Continue reading My Vintage Dream

Warm Minimalism

On the other side of coldness there is warmth. The all-white Scandi-style is so 2015, and this year I am celebrating the warm minimalism. Warm tones, mixed materials and layered textiles are the secret to keep the home warm and inviting yet still very minimal. I hope we’ll see more of this trend this year! Photos via Luft Design. Continue reading Warm Minimalism

The Dream Loft

If you’ve ever wondered how David Karp, the founder of Tumblr, lives, here’s your answer. With a preference for all kind of aged and rough materials: ancient bricks, weathered concrete, blackened steel and reclaimed oak, this loft is a total dream. Continue reading The Dream Loft