15 Becoming 16

Two thousand and fifteen is over and it has been a really stylish year in terms of design with everything from marble to metals. Below are some trends of 2015 that I hope will stay cool in 2016 too. Metallic Finishes  Copper burnished metals and rose coppers have been adorning everything from lighting to cutlery in 2015. … Continue reading 15 Becoming 16

2015 Kitchen Roundup

2015 was a year filled with some of the most impeccable kitchen styles I’ve ever seen. Some were minimal, and others were dark and dramatic. Some people choose to incorporate lots of metallic, and some chose to work with a pop o color. Below I’ve gathered a selection of my absolute favorites. Take a look! … Continue reading 2015 Kitchen Roundup

Saturday Sharing

First Saturday after Christmas! Have you recovered from all the food, presents, expressions, and over-excited children (or over-excited adults → looking at myself) yet? I know I haven’t. But it was a beautiful Christmas, wasn’t it? So while you’re recovering, here are some favorites I’ve saved the last couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy them as … Continue reading Saturday Sharing

The Lane Office

I’ve seen a fair share of cool offices, but none as romantic and dreamy as the office of the wedding brand and publication The Lane. The office is located by the beach on the southern end of the Gold Coast, Australia and has an interesting mix of finishes and décor; including Moroccan tiles, a South African chandelier, recycled … Continue reading The Lane Office