Checkerboard Floors

You can never go wrong with a classic checkerboard floor, right? Checkered floors have been popular for thousand of years, and are often seen in the kitchen or bathroom. But it can practically be used everywhere throughout your home. It’s timeless and classic and it can be both versatile and neutral. My favorite place to use … Continue reading Checkerboard Floors

Back to Black

I find a black kitchen to be really stunning! It is simple and fun yet elegant and I think it is a really bold choice. Question is: Am I bold enough to get one in the future? I am constantly on the lookout for “the right kitchen” and lately I’ve been stalking every designer, magazine, blog & Pinterest board I can … Continue reading Back to Black

2015 Kitchen Roundup

2015 was a year filled with some of the most impeccable kitchen styles I’ve ever seen. Some were minimal, and others were dark and dramatic. Some people choose to incorporate lots of metallic, and some chose to work with a pop o color. Below I’ve gathered a selection of my absolute favorites. Take a look! … Continue reading 2015 Kitchen Roundup